This is my third video searching for answers regarding haunted dolls, antique dolls, dolls intentionally painted to appear creepy, & newer dolls. The doll in this video is intentionally painted to appear spooky & creepy.

A well known name is mentioned in this video. I can’t be 100% sure it’s who I think it is however. I recently posted a doll clip of his that I thought was nothing short of brilliant. It is the only video clip I have ever post of his. I have been posting & following & supportive of a new upcoming travel channel show to be aired soon called “Destination Fear”. Because of this combination, & what is said, the person that is mentioned in this video does not surprise me.

This is what I have concluded so far from my experiments with these dolls…

The key to positive communication with the spirit realm is this… Your “perception” will ultimately be your outcome. Until I experience true evil anything, it will take more convincing then what the results were in this particular video. And this is why…

This doll is already perceived as negative or evil. Due to her painted up face, the “idea” stills exists no matter how hard I try to view her sweet, innocent & beautiful. This preconceived notion or “idea” of her being negative simply doesn’t disappear no matter how hard you try to rid of it due to her appearance. The only way to change this is to repaint the dolls face to something desirable. The problem is, it would have to go to someone that never knew the previous creepy painted face on her, otherwise that “idea” will stay.

So, I believe because I still had the idea this doll represented something, I received some negative evp’s from her.

Avery will be listed on Ebay if your interested.

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