I Make A Contact Video With Your Deceased


Many hours of work & care go into every individual video made especially & specifically for our receiver or client.

A custom contact video consists of several methods used to provide you with quality answers. You will receive audio recordings, a video with physical manifestations & photos. (Yours to keep). This is intense & time consuming divination. The videos are very specific to you personally. Guaranteed to enrich your perspective. It will change your perspective on how you perceive death.

The last video on this page is an example of a Custom Contact Video.


This is spirit manifesting visibly upon request by an “agent” (Someone who takes an active role to produce a specific effect, often referred to as a medium or conduit for spirit)
The most common physical spirit manifestation is an orb. It will be seen as a spherical ball of light with varied & brilliant colors. Visible physical manifestation from spirit can also reveal their presence in other shapes & sizes  referred to as a light anomaly. What is unique about what we do is show you not only that it is possible to see your loved one in spirit form, but also show you that it will manifest & move suggesting intelligence. It is also their goal to convince & console.
The video below is a physical contact with someone’s deceased loved one. These manifestations come in different sizes & shapes.

See this video below as an example.


(Hearing spirit speak) The agent takes the role of retrieving audible & Intelligent answers from spirit that you, the receiver will be able to hear, referred to as EVP’S. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).
Electronic Voice Phenomena can sometimes be heard in symbolic messages, both words & sentences. It is also not uncommon to hear construed or what we would refer to as poor grammar. Other spirits have been known to interfere or a surrogate spirit might inject and answer questions.
We have the capability to retrieve an abundance of both physical & audio spirit manifestation that goes beyond human comprehension & expectation. This rare & “uncommon phenomena” is compiled into one unique, custom made video momentum for years to treasure & comfort anyone who has lost a loved one.

The worlds best recorder for spirit communication, the RR DR-60 will be used abundantly for audio recordings with edit. Below is an example:


Custom Contact Video:  price $599

(*price for videos that meet negotiated criteria $599)

Equipment now used for these videos & audios are as follows:

The worlds best recorder for spirit communication: The Panasonic RR DR-60,  Ghost box, a Kinect & other video & audio recorders. These will be a grand mix of audio and video. The client is able to ask their loved one 4 questions plus questions I, myself feel relevant to the case.
(Incorporation of additional recordings increases pricing.)

Videos comprehensively include multiple audio and video recordings with responses to general specific questions.