Much love and respect to Cynthia Rae for our video share. Tanner has and will live on. I loved the Tanner sight. He does live on.


Amazing evidence Cynthia Rae. I need to follow you more closely


I’ve been wanting to share this page for a while, but I keep getting sidetracked! Cynthia Rae is my friend. She is amazing at her craft and is the real deal. Nothing fake about her or her work. She did a few sessions at San Haven, which I know all my ghost hunting peeps in the TM will be very interested in. Check out her website and watch her videos. Heads up: Use headphones when watching/listening to videos. The headphones will help you tune in better to the “noises” in the background!


This is a GIFT, So worth it..She has done this for ME and MANY others..I CHERISH THE WORK SHE HAS DONE FOR ME…Be Blessed Us All…This so helps with the grieving process because it is PROOF that our LOVED ONES are never far away from us and are INDEED involved in our lives..I cant thank you enough Cynthia Rae…I LOVE YA..



Cindy what a beautiful gift and soul you have, blessing so many along the way. Thank you for touching my life, for there are so many heartbroken grieving mothers, as well as myself. To lose anyone that was saturated with love in our hearts is so very devastating. Your amazing and bring much comfort to many. Thank you with all my heart. Sending you love and light my friend.


Hi Cindy, I just wanted to send you a massive, “Thank you”! I left Facebook around Sept 16th or 18th without warning to anyone, due to having a massive meltdown over the loss of my son. I had been helping other Parents grieving their children, giving them Love, Hope, Support and Faith to carry on. I was doing Events for free, to show them how their Children, as I am with my Son, while running on empty myself. Out of nowhere, reality hit me like never before last month and I lost it. I felt as though I was purging (Of course it was during Mercury Retrograde that this all happened) and I realized that I had been taking on others grief and pain, being an Empath and not dealing with my own and I lost it.

Through it all, my Son was giving me signs, but I couldn’t get past my physical loss, it over took me. I never knew the human body could shed as many tears as I have the past month. I am sorta coming back to feeling like the “Old new me”, not quite there yet admittedly. Something/someone (My Son perhaps?) made me look at your page (and I’ve not been on FB at all). I read you posts this morning, took in all you have to share, thought about it, and then listened to all your videos (EVP’s) and I could feel me breath, life, coming back into me slowly. I needed to say a big “Thank you” for everything you share. I lost my way big time and I’m starting to come back slowly but surely, to a friend, My Life, lace I can function again. Its been 2 yrs, 5 months and 2 days since my Loving Son, My Best friend, My life, My Heart and My Soul, left me to go home to Heaven suddenly and unexpectedly. He left me here lost and brokenhearted and I should have gone 1st. I keep having to remind myself that he is with me, that he is here, just different.That is the part that is holding me back again, the “Is he really here with me”? I saw 2 Mediums this month and they both told me, “It’s about Healing now”, and it devastated me further tbh, I needed some validations, I needed to know that my son Bobby is really here with me, watching over me, sharing in my life, guiding me ect”. It also didn’t help that the 2 Mediums are friends and know Bobby & I. So, I received no validation that he is here now in my life.

So…..I up and shut down. Reading your posts today, reminded me that our loved ones, especially our Children, do not leave us, they are a thought away and they are always guiding and protecting us. So, Thank you!!! I hope you know your posts and videos, all that you share, is helping people, people like myself, people you have no idea about, especially what they may be going through at any given moment. You are a true Earth Angel and keep doing what your doing. You are helping me during a very dark horrific time in my life right now, God Bless you and Thank You”!

Anyway, I am sending you so Much Love, Light and Blessings and Thanks.


Just like to say…thanks to Cindy and for the wonderful, eye opening, validating experiences of the last few days. Really, there are no words to express how being in the midst of spirit “in your face” finally rids one of a lifetime of doubting your intuitive beliefs while surrounded by non supporters at home. Thank you Spirit and thank you Cindy


Hey Cindy, I just got home and read this while yes, my son would say something about business and success since thats the extent of my trouble and conundrum lately. I hope he knows something I don’t know. Anyway, thank you so much for this gift. I appreciate it so much. And for those of you that this may mean nothing to, let me tell you that Cindy is the real deal and she did communicate with my son, This is such a gift for me.


Oh Cindy, this is way more than I expected…my heart is skipping beats. I’ve watched the video 100 times. I’ve never had such a peaceful feeling in my heart like this since they left me. I just don’t know how I could ever thank you for this most blessed gift you’ve given me. Im truly overwhelmed. My hands were shaking so bad, I could hardly hold the phone. My gratitude is beyond words my special friend for the comfort and knowledge and mystery of it all…I thank my angels daily for guiding us where we are today..I cannot thank you enough for this. I’ve been waiting a long time and you have made this possible.  Stay gold sweet lady…I LOVE YOU HEAVENLY FAMILY FOR TALKING TO CINDY. SHE IS FANTABULOUS, ISN’T SHE? …WATCH OVER HER DADDY…Thank you


Thank you so much Cynthia this has given me even more validation she is around, she has such strong energy…!! This has put the biggest smile on my face…!! xxx