New San Haven Sanatorium Experience 1 of 10

 Uncommon Phenomena Team again recently visited San Haven Sanatorium and will be doing a series of 10 video experiences. As always the experience was amazing and the fall colors made the abandoned facility & environment enchanting.


Uncommon Phenomena is seeking seed money for growth and continuation of it’s primary service: education surrounding the paranormal.

We ultimately seek to secure a larger national venue for advancing understanding of the paranormal. We believe upgrading our video production as a primary vehicle toward this end makes sense.

We hope that if you enjoyed this video you might make a contribution to “keep them coming” at our GoFundMe account:

Uncommon Phenomena Productions

Further, if you are interested in a role as a more serious investor we hope that you would contact us through our website at

Thank you,

Cynthia Rae & Team Uncommon Phenomena


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