Custom Investigation Videos for You or Your Team


This is how it works:

I do Custom Investigation videos for team investigators & individuals.

These are videos with moving introductions promoting your Team or yourself & also Client Contacts Video as specialty videos. These videos are comprised of several components & are amazing keepsakes or promotional videos for your team. You can review these types of videos under the titles ‘Custom Investigation Video’, ‘Custom Contact Video’, & ‘Audio Analysis & Translations’ Below.




Custom Investigation Video:  price $599

(*price for videos that meet negotiated criteria $599)

Equipment now used for these videos & audios are as follows:

The worlds best recorder for spirit communication: The Panasonic RR DR-60,  Ghost box, a Kinect & other video & audio recorders. These will be a grand mix of audio and video. The client is able to ask their loved one 4 questions plus questions I, myself feel relevant to the case.
(Incorporation of additional recordings increases pricing.)