I receive several requests from others asking if I will try to find an answer to “one” question. My answer is “Yes”

This is how it works:

First, I do my Custom Client Contacts Video as a specialty video. This video is comprised of several components & are amazing keepsakes. You can review this type of video under the title “Custom Contact Video” Below.

ANOTHER SERVICE I offer is more economical & less expensive. This is retrieving information for a client that one general question or would like to ask a question from a deceased loved one.

These sessions are recorded using audio or video. I charge $40 per hour for an “audio” recording.  Expect one question to take me 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.  The session, maybe more is recorded & the audio is edited due to the higher frequency & will be easier to hear. You will also receive my interpretation of what is said. A $30 deposit is required & the remaining amount is due when the recording is finished.

I will also do a video contact asking a question to a deceased loved one to show in physical form.  Most often there are evps in the video recording which will also be edited for clarity. This recording is $75.00. A $40 deposit is required with the remainder due when the video is completed.

If you decide to ask more than one question, the price will be negotiated.

NOTE:  I cannot not guarantee the answers will be correct or will meet your expectations because I do not have control who comes through & answers me unless I’m requesting a loved one to come through during the physical video contact.



Many hours of work & care go into every individual video made especially & specifically for our receiver or client.

A custom contact video consists of several methods used to provide you with quality answers. You will receive audio recordings, a video with physical manifestations & photos. (Yours to keep). This is intense & time consuming divination. The videos are very specific to you personally. Guaranteed to enrich your perspective. It will change your perspective on how you perceive death.


This is spirit manifesting visibly upon request by an “agent” (Someone who takes an active role to produce a specific effect, often referred to as a medium or conduit for spirit)
The most common physical spirit manifestation is an orb. It will be seen as a spherical ball of light with varied & brilliant colors. Visible physical manifestation from spirit can also reveal their presence in other shapes & sizes  referred to as a light anomaly. What is unique about what we do is show you not only that it is possible to see your loved one in spirit form, but also show you that it will manifest & move suggesting intelligence. It is also their goal to convince & console.


(Hearing spirit speak) The agent takes the role of retrieving audible & Intelligent answers from spirit that you, the receiver will be able to hear, referred to as EVP’S. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).
Electronic Voice Phenomena can sometimes be heard in symbolic messages, both words & sentences. It is also not uncommon to hear construed or what we would refer to as poor grammar. Other spirits have been known to interfere or a surrogate spirit might inject and answer questions.
We have the capability to retrieve an abundance of both physical & audio spirit manifestation that goes beyond human comprehension & expectation. This rare & “uncommon phenomena” is compiled into one unique, custom made video momentum for years to treasure & comfort anyone who has lost a loved one.

Custom Contact Video:  price $699

(*price for videos that meet negotiated criteria $699)

These will be mix of audio and video. The client is able to ask their loved one 4 questions.
(Incorporation of additional recordings increases pricing.)

The contacts (below) were commissioned by clients who have lost loved ones.

Videos comprehensively include multiple audio and video recordings with responses to general specific questions.


This is a contact video contracted with a daughter desiring to retrieve answers from her deceased mother & father. The video speaks for itself.




This is a second video made for my dear friend Gwen. Gwen lost her beloved son a few days ago at age 28, the same day this recording was made. However, her son had not passed on yet & there was no indication that anything was wrong with him. I knew Gwen well enough to know she did not have a deceased son, but in this recording it was telling me differently. I decided to message Gwen  around 1:00 pm that day anyway & asked her if she had lost a child. I did not say the sex, but in the video it was made clear it was a ‘son.’ Gwen told me ‘No’, she had not lost a child, so I had to assume it was interference from other unwanted spirits coming through, which is not uncommon during contact.

The ‘first’ video we made for her is below this video & there were warnings & pleadings….”GO TELL HIM!’ “DANGER!” I didn’t know what to think of this & passed it off as more interference. I felt concerned throughout the day, but I didn’t know what to be concerned about. I received a message from Gwen shortly after midnight saying….”I did loose a child. My son passed away between 4:30 & 6:00 pm. I made the recording that same morning. It all made sense now, but it was too late. At the end of the video what is said is, “YES MA’AM.” I knew this had some kind of link to Gwen because her & her children respectfully say this to others all the time. This courtesy is never used where I’m from.

After I learned of Gwen’s son death, I decided to make physical contact with him. He shows immediately after I request it. The next day I decided to do an audio nothing specific, but I did ask them how they knew Gwen,s son was going to cross over. An angelic female voice said..”We bring in them eyes for you.”

Many times I wonder if what is said makes sense. What I have learned is that even if it doesn’t to me, it likely will to the person that is suppose to receive. They speak in what we would consider symbolism or poor English/language. I am not sure why, but the message is most often clear.

Gwen, I hope you find healing from this. Your spirit family must have orchestrated the timing perfectly even if were not able to save your son’s life, we know they tried. God bless you & your family and may you all be showered with some healing from this. xoxo

This is a custom ‘level 2’ video. My beautiful friend Gwen, was gracious, giving & kind enough to allow us to share a couple videos made especially for her after just loosing her precious son. These videos were made before her son passed on. When doing my contacts for her, there were messages telling her to “go tell him & danger.” I wasn’t sure what this was about & assumed there was unwanted spirit interference. I will elaborate more in the next video made for her.

Preston-2017-vid Below….A contact for Emalee who lost her very special & beloved friend, ‘Preston’

This contact (below) was commissioned by a client who lost a loved one by the name of Clive. This ‘level 2’ video comprehensively includes multiple audio and video recordings with responses to specific questions.