2 responses to “Timothy & Stephen Connect by Ashes

  1. I would love to see an unpartial person inspect the recorder prior to its use to insure that the device is empty prior to a session. I would also like to see the device used while it is in a Faraday pouch/bag as it was the earlier digital voice recorders that eere found to pick up radio signals. This could help eliminate some of the issues that, so far, could be easily replicated.

    I will soon be aquiring a Layered Vioce Analysis program that will definately help answer some of my questions without having to ask.

    • Hi Greg,
      As you already likely know, the DR60 was made as half analog & half digital. They were manufactured cheaply in 1999. When the recorders went all digital, they cut out frequencies they didn’t want.

      The person that told me this works for NASA as an engineer. He is a friend on Facebook & owns a few DR60’s. He was recently featured on “Ghost Adventures” as their analyst for certain phenomenon captured on the show. This guy full-heartedly knows the DR60 is picking up spirit voices.

      There was an experiment done with the DR60 underwater. It was placed in a waterproof container/box submerged in a pool on record. The replies were not only on topic with question, but had the same volume as using it normally.

      The problem with the DR60 is that with most recorders there needs an audio edit. Whether volume, cleaning up background noise or a frequency change. If you don’t know how to audio edit, then you should not have one. They are a wonderful tool for convincing others that spirits exist & communicate. The DR60 offers the listener volume, but fails to deliver clear evp’s without tweaking.

      You can purchase one of these on EBay for $2500 to $3000. I have one of my own.

      Timothy Dalton whom I have been editing audio & video for him, gave me one. He will coming to ND to visit & we will will be doing a documentary together with a producer this spring.

      Anyway, your Layered Voice Analysis program sounds like an interesting & useful tool. Good luck with that.

      While you continue to try to prove ghosts exist, I’ll simply continue to communicate & retrieve messages from them. 🙂

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