“Last Breath”

A contact video of my dear friends family was made a while back & the family came through strong in both physical & audio communication. I also made more current contacts giving her a composite of all combined for a keepsake.

I believe the timing of the more current contacts may have been orchestrated by spirit because this is what happened …

I make two separate contacts, audio & physical for the custom videos. As I was making audio contact, messages came through that I felt compelled to contact my dear friend.  I was confused about what was coming through. In the recording was an urgency that was making mention of a deceased male child of hers. Knowing my client as long as I have, I was almost certain she did not loose a child but I contacted her anyway & asked if she lost a child. The answer was “No.” More loud messages came through, “Last Breath,” “I’m her first boy,” “Danger!,” “Go tell him!” “Mother,” “Yes Ma’am.”17554876_10154472962247686_1928217787_n

(Yes Ma’am) is a common courtesy that her family uses to address yes & no questions. Something that is never used where I live.  Within hours after my message to her,  she messaged me once again and said this…”Cynthia, I indeed lost a child.” She discovered her beloved & only son no longer breathing or alive. When these messages came through, he was alive. You can view the video to hear this for yourself.

Last night I was awakened by extremely loud noises. My bedroom came to life with sounds as if the whole wall closest to my head being pounded on from the outside by something that seemed bigger than life, the ceiling above my head sounded as if it was cracking up and the window on the other wall next to the bed sounded like someone back-fisted it. If a recorder was on, these would have all been very loud evp’s at a higher frequency.

I recall seeing my mother coming down the stairs in my home, however the stairs were not view. My brother was sleeping upstairs.  This phenomenon stopped suddenly. I knew messages were coming through loudly, but being awakened suddenly, I didn’t know what.  My mother is on her death bed & non-responsive. We are waiting for her to crossover.


Now taking into consideration what I described above regarding my friends son who was still living when these messages came through, I believe my mother could have paid us a visit & the spirits around me were letting me know. This phenomenon is nothing new & I refer to it as a more powerful phenomenon called “Audio Apophonia.” This particular phenomenon would have been audible to anyone in the room.

The power of premonition could be taken into consideration in both instances,  knowing this type of phenomenon appears to occur before death, certainly presents a mystery.  Premonition is the warning of a future event. Having the opportunity to witness this, I will be expecting similar phenomenon to take place again bridging the two worlds together at some time right before death occurs. We are one.

Premonition vs Prediction

As mentioned above, premonition is the warning of future events. They may range from vague feelings of disquiet, suggestive of impending disaster, to actual hallucinations, visual or auditory. Dreams are frequent vehicles of premonition either direct or symbolical, as well as veridical dreams. Do the warnings come from an external intelligent source (clairvoyance precognition) or coincidence or self-fulfilling prophecy, a form of autosuggestion?

Premonition differs from prediction. The latter has a degree of precision & tends to detail the basic who, what, when, where, & how questions. When the event foreseen is not precisely outlined or is too insubstantial to prompt a prophetic utterance, “prediction” is the more appropriate term. For vague future events of a personal nature, “presentiment” is employed.

In the two incidences described above, suggestive premonition of death is what occurred. I believe taking all into consideration, the warnings come from an external intelligence.

AFTER DEATH ……I recently wrote a post on my personal Facebook page on ” why I believe graveyards/ cemeteries are more active when you visit or investigate. My theory is that it is a “place of recognition.” A place to experience a specific identity (deceased) when visiting or investigating. It is spirits opportunity to be validated as a particular identity. If you experience any type of phenomena while there, this is a message & validation for you that they live on.

Through my research, & experiences with the paranormal, death of your human suit/body is inevitable of course, however your consciousness/soul lives on. I believe obstruction in seeking the truth may include dimensional differences that bridge the two worlds & religious dogma that has expanded imaginations channeled though the media & the movie industry.

Resting/burial locations provide that cognitive recognition & identity for specific individuals living & also the dead. This type of validation of their existence serves an important purpose for both the living & the dead.

This video  is a video of a beautiful orb showing intelligently wanting acknowledgement & validation of their existence.

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