“Kirsten” Reveals She May Have Been An Abused Child – (DR60 mods were put into this QR80 Recorder.)

In This Recording I Am Using a Panasonic RR QR80. Ed Weibe put DR60 mods into this QR80 Recorder.) Brilliant! He was a former engineer at NASA & has 30 years experience with this type of work. Brilliant! The clarity on some of the evp’s are unlike other recorders. It is not the DR60 & functions differently. But, what I discovered is that slowing the recording down & turning up the volume will give you this type of clarity with some of evp’s.

In this particular recording, this haunted doll named Kirstin was told was told she is “bad.” I believe she was trying to tell of her abuse & how it drove her to her death. Kirsten is for sale on Ebay looking for a loving home.

Here is the link… https://www.ebay.com/itm/165312249416

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