The “Destination Fear” Experience With Never Before Heard Spirit Communication at Sweet Springs Sanitorium!


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Included in this video are Evp’s that I heard, I translated and I added to a “Destination Fear” episode named Sweet Springs Sanitorium.  Meaning, I overlay-ed missed EVPs. I translated the sound and added my own subtitles on top of the completed show’s video.  My subtitles are the larger subtitles.

This is not only PHENOMENAL, but extremely INSIGHTFUL spirit communication taken from Destination Fear’s episode at Sweet Springs Sanitorium! You will experience spirit phenomena as if you were in the sanitorium with the crew! Spirits will talk, interact & answer like never before!

I have studied & experimented with sound phenomena for years translating evp’s & energy manipulated from sound that is picked up on electronic devices. I am highly skilled having translated thousands of hours of EVP’s.

I have never had the opportunity to experience a haunted location such as this & I am grateful to the Destination Fear crew for allowing me to absorb insight & learn from their own experience there. It was more than I ever expected. This is the real deal & they intrigued me with their own bravery. This location is a chaotic mix of spirits from being helpful, confused to manic insanity!

This episode from Destination Fear has provided all of us crucial & insightful information about the afterlife. This is an opportunity for you to take a step inside & experience another dimension unlike you’ve ever heard or experienced.

Destination Fear airs on Saturdays at 9:00 PM Central time on the Travel Channel

WEAR HEADPHONES for a better experience



3 responses to “The “Destination Fear” Experience With Never Before Heard Spirit Communication at Sweet Springs Sanitorium!

    • I would love to book an investigation! Since I’m from ND it likely wont happen, but I’m hoping you get many new investigators to come in. It would be my number 1 location on my bucket list after DF’s captures there. It’s an investigators paradise that offers a circus of everything from nuts to bolts that only the brave would dare to enter.

    • After I finished translating, I got the impression that some of the intelligent energy intentionally challenges you to your own game. I thought the last EVP was incredibly facinating when an entity ends it by saying the DF team didnt thrive so well in there & another announced they were not welcomed there. Wowww!

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