LISTEN & WATCH Uncommon Sound Phenomena When Communicating With Ghosts

Watch the video below for amazing ghostly communication!

Some who are following me today recognize the gifts of appreciation and of patience that I have been given surrounding uncommon sound phenomena.

I have learned to appreciate Spirit for all we can understand of Spirit. I have also had patience to learn to listen to what is, effectively, a language I’ll name “Spirit”.

Investigators listen to spoken “Spirit” though EVPs.

For reasons I don’t entirely understand – I have listened to and I have translated thousands of hours of EVPs.

In that activity, sometimes I’ll “ride bareback” and sometimes I’ll ride with sound capturing and audio editing equipment that is both expensive and/or sophisticated.

The following short video is a quick explainer of some aspects of translation of Sprit to English – heard through EVPs captured. I hope you enjoy. To learn more, ask questions and to follow me, regularly visit

This is a learning video about listening to EVP’s: WEAR HEADPHONES
This is also a video you should share to express your appreciation of my work.

Thank you,
Cynthia Rae
Spirit Whisperer






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