Stunning Moving Orb


Watch the video below..

This is one of my favorite orb videos. In this video I asked someone/orb to come up to my camera & dance. This was a common request after I realized orbs were physically doing what I asked them to do. I have numerous videos showing this phenomenon.

I slowed this video down in order to show the anatomy & fascinating movement of an orb. Pause it in various areas to get a better look.

The movement of an orb is similar to a crawl. I’ve captured several orbs also showing this crawling phenomenon when comparing this movement in my other orb videos.

When I ran into this video this morning, I thought to myself that I should re-post it. Right then I heard a knock next to me. This is a type of communication I set up years ago with the spirits around me. The reason I did this is because they were very loud trying to get my attention with demanding loud & unusual banging, knocks, cracking & snapping sounds. It would follow me wherever I went. What I eventually started to notice is they were much more persistent & louder when I was alone, as if they were a bit shy when others were around. However, others are able to hear this phenomena also.

The snapping sound actually sounded like someone breaking a 2×4 piece of lumber. It wasn’t until later learned that this phenomenon was more elaborate & complex communication after learning an audio editing program. This banging, cracking, knocks & snapping were words & sentences! However, I also continue to use this as a means of validation from spirit as I explained above. The snapping & cracking is high frequency sounding similar to a Morris code. Periodically, I am able to make out what is said by rhythm & pitch of these particular sounds. So, there can be more than just one message when communicating with spirits, but only by means of doing an audio edit.

My communication with spirit is telepathy around the clock. They answer my thoughts when it is only relevant to them & I will often speak to them this way. In the beginning I was afraid to speak to them out loud & used telepathy all the time. It wasn’t until I knew I had to talk out loud for the sake of collecting evidence. But I reluctantly started with whispering until I was brave enough to speak out loud. I laugh about this today when I watch videos I am whispering to them.

The post before this one on my page is an example of this type of communication & I was whispering. Haha. However, one knock hasn’t changed & is still a validation, approval or a yes answer. This is because communication with spirit can be multi-layered & because I learned just how multi-layered, complicated & complex spirits communication is, this was no longer a whimsical or simple process. It began taking a lot of time & energy out of me. This is when I knew I needed to be selective & careful about making contact.

So after I heard this knock by thought this morning, I knew it was important to them that I show this to you.

I do not do spirit photography anymore & the phenomena I describe has slowed down for me. Life gets busy & I know that I also have come to a place in my life that I am doing what I’m supposed to do with spirit. I believe because of this, they are not so demanding & loud anymore, however they are always there when I ask for them. I am a student & they have taught me so much about the spirit realm. I now share & guide others & feel this is what they use me for.



4 responses to “Stunning Moving Orb

  1. Wow! Fantastic footage! Rare to get an orb that close. I’ve got many footage of orbs myself. They are clearly intelligent. I’m still not sure if they are human spirits or not. For all I know they could be alien surveillance. Images could be picking up our thoughts. Without saying too much publically, I’ve tried measuring data on them. It is difficult because they phase in and out. Keep up the good work!

  2. By no coincidence I came across this post today in the ITC Collective. What grabbed my attention was your reference to “It wasn’t until later learned that this phenomenon was more elaborate & complex communication after learning an audio editing program.” It stopped me in my tracks. I have not come across this knowledge of layered spirit communication since I began reviewing evidence 4 ½ years ago; however, less than 48 hours ago I heard it for myself! Although some of what I heard seemed random, many were direct responses to questions and comments on the investigation. I would love the chance to ask you a few questions; would it be okay to Facebook message you? Thank you for sharing….and thank you spirits for knocking.
    P.S. Beautiful Video

    • Debbie…Thank you for you acknowledgement on this phenomena that is is overlooked. Yes, it is involved & doesn’t come easily or quickly, but it’s the truth regarding evp work. I’m happy to hear you have advanced yourself in this respect. Thank you for your comment & validation

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