Wear headphones if you have them.

This video was an experiment with two of my friends. I experimented communicating with spirit in this bus & discovered some phenomenal phenomena & decided to share this with others. I was curious to know the responses if any. Why would a bus be so active that’s been sitting in the same place for years? Maybe abandonment is a better answer rather than who may have occupied the location or what tragedy took place in the location. Maybe it’s a combination of factors & like spirit, is more complex than we are able to comprehend as humans. I don’t know, but the results in this video & experimenting a few other times certainly got my attention.

bus haunted3


After we started our session, my two friends were not able to record & we believe the spirit manipulated their electronic devices so they could not. One of my friends was able to capture a few pictures, but she said they disappeared. We experienced a high pitched buzzing sound above our heads that we could not explain & you will hear us talking about it in the beginning of the video.

We had another session in the bus a couple days ago using the Kinect & ghostbox. I will be making another video on this because the results were haunting & daunting. Hope you enjoy this video.


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