The Power of Spirit is Heard & Seen in this Video!

The video below is unmistakably a perfect example of not only the existence of spirit, but just how powerful spirit is. What is unusual about this capture, is that not only is there phenomenal sound of the energy, but you will also be able see it. If you have headphones or earbuds use them. The sound & sight of this orb energy bouncing off the card is uncommon &



In this video I am experimenting using cards asking spirit to pick the correct card. I have conducted several experiments with spirit & this was just one of many card experiments. Since it is daylight, the orb does not show well, but it is still visible.  Because of this lighted area, I decided to move my experiment from the entry door to the master bathroom where it was darker for any paranormal phenomenon to visually show clearer.  There has always been high energy by this entry door & I refer to the energy in this area as the gatekeepers.

After some time lapsed and what seemed a demand for attention, I reluctantly started to communicate with the gatekeepers. The louder knocking, snapping, cracking manifestations in this area shouted out in an insisting & demanding clamor.  They were no longer undeniable.

As a conduit & researcher, I question reasons why & I am never satisfied with what is readily perceived or apprehended regarding the occult. the-xmas-grinchIn this case I question the quality of the interaction in a specific location as possibly being more facile or effortless or is the door something of significance, a sort of nuance, an expression, or possibly symbolism signifying ideas  beyond our own understanding & comprehension?  Whatever the answer is, it frequented & shouted out a sort of quantitative value that took on a life of its own.

The knocking later became simple & direct communication. Because I was interacting with intelligent energy, I was able to establish a “yes’ answer or validation with one knock and two knocks a “no” answer.  It was obvious to me that my thoughts were being answered or sometimes a conversation with another person in the room. I later discovered that every knock is an evp if electronically recorded, but due to the higher frequency it had to be slowed down with edit. The knocks served two purposes now.believed-to-be-an-et-called-ehon

As you likely know, knocking has always been a way of communication for spirit. You would know this if you watch ghost hunting shows. What most investigators don’t know, is that one knock can be a full sentence & a message for the agent.

The orb in the “video” below was likely picking the card I was going to ask for before I decided to move the experiment. And yes, they know your thoughts before you do. They will often answer your questions before you ask. There have been several times in reviewing my recordings that I receive the answers before I know what my question will be.yard

I make contact daily, sometimes intentionally, but most often spirit will make contact with me during quiet time.  From my own experience and communication with spirit & what I just described above, I believe intelligent energy is omniscient, meaning they have unlimited knowledge, awareness, understanding, perceiving all. Objectivity is also at a higher level then  we are capable of on a human level. In a nutshell, I have referred to this as moving into a higher ageless existence after death. Shape-shifting is a phenomenon that is used for recognition allowing us the privilege of knowing we live on after death. The featured picture & all of the other attached pics below it, would be examples of shape-shifting. Edit credit on the orb belongs to Merlina Marcan, an outstanding pioneer in the paranormal field.

Now watch & listen to this amazing video….

3 responses to “The Power of Spirit is Heard & Seen in this Video!

  1. I have orbs around me.all the time. I have videos and when slowed n zoomed…there r faces. I no 2 of them. I also have pics. Orbs.and faces very clear when Oomed in. I have other pics aswell but videos I take there are always lots of orbs..big red…blinking and floating in distinct directions. I’d live to share with u as I’m not sure how to.communicate if that’s what they want? I no they are. My spirit guides…Guardian angels..and fairies..a Medium told me and wanted to use them in her seminars but I refused. Thank u

    • Vicky, thank you for commenting & your question.

      First of all, nobody has the answers to mysterious phenomenon such as the orb phenomenon, but some of us can provide insight to you regarding our own experiences & thoughts on this topic. First of all, in my opinion the orb phenomenon is underestimated in the paranormal field. In my opinion, they are the beating heart of other worldly phenomenon. Yes, faces are often seen in orbs. In this event, a phenomenon takes place called “shape-shifting.” Shape-shifting occurs as a vindication of recognition & sometimes identification. When this phenomemon occurs, you will notice a parody/caricature type of facial image just as you explained in you comment. Manifestations as such are fairly rare, but mostly in the event there is an identity, such as a deceased family member wanting to be recognized. I believe & have been told that orbs are “human reservoirs” via evp, picking up energy after death & sustaining human life. Reference was made to describe orbs as a mother ship via evp. When I mentioned shape-shifting phenomenon, that is likely what your witnessing when you described visible faces because one orb has the capability to house over 100 sentients or spirits. I have edits of what I believe to be the anatomy of a orb that appear to reveal a perfect systematic alignment of the sentients within the orbs chamber.

      You are on a journey or an awakening. This is why I believe you are capturing the type of phenomenon you mentioned. There could be various reasons why. It could be as simple as a deceased loved wanting you to know that they are still with you in spirit. It could be that you are open to receiving for other reasons. My advice to anyone that is on this journey is “Your perception will be the determinate of your outcome.” This is basically what you might be most familiar with when you read about vibrational differences.

      I hope this helps as guidance & more insight for you on some level. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

      Also, I would suggest that you share your captured phenomenon. When you receive, give.

      Once again, thank you for reaching out & commenting

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