Howls & Screams at San Haven Sanatorium When We Enter a Satanic Ritualic Alter

SAN HAVEN SANITORIUM in ND is a mammoth abandoned facility built in 1908. It was used to house tuberculosis patients. Many patients & children died here.

During our investigation, Scott & I came upon what appeared to be an area used for satanic rituals. Blood drippings on the ducts, a pentagram drawn on the floor, burns, wax drippings from candles. As soon as we approached this area, we thought we heard dogs howling, but there were scream-like noises that didn’t make sense. It was mid afternoon & not only was the timing of the howling & screaming during day hours unusual, but the fact it started when we were standing in front of that area where we stopped immediately shocked by what we saw.  after we passed over the ritual area, the howls/cries stopped immediately. Because of the timing, it felt even more unusual & eery. It was as if the sounds were distinctively used for a start & stop area of crossing over the ritual area. We did not stay long &  made our observations & quickly left.

After we listened to the recording we do not believe theses were dogs howling, but rather the screams & cries of ghosts that the locals claim they hear at the mammoth facility. Nevertheless, if they were howls of dogs, we wonder why the timing was what it was. Spirit will take the energy of different sounds & form words.

Pentagrams are a symbol of protection. Christianity took this symbol of protection & turned it into something evil. And when you hear what is said, you will understand better that these spirits screaming/howling had a protective tone.

Since I’ve been at San Haven, the spirits have always been concerned about us falling, tripping, etc. 3 evp’s that made reference to this fact….”I don’t want you to fall,” “Take big steps,” & at the end of this video, another spirit makes reference to this. With all of the debris from the destruction of the facility, it is indeed dangerous to navigate & almost impossible to get to certain areas like this one.

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