Ghostly Water Droplet Mystery

I decided to do a recording with a DR60 after my boyfriend, Scott said he had the most unusual thing happen to him. He described it as a water droplet falling next to him out of nowhere. Water drops are known as one way for spirit to use as means to communicate letting you know that they are near by & trying get your attention. My boyfriend is very smart with a lineal, logical brain. He’s not easily moved or convinced of anything.

Watch the video below.  (Headphones suggested)

water droplet

2 responses to “Ghostly Water Droplet Mystery

  1. This had happened to me my granddaughter and grandson. We all live in the same house. I have had a nde in 1977,and my paranormal experiences have dramatically increased since then. My grandchildren, who I have lived with and helped raised, all have ability, but the water drops activity has increased this past week. We also have experienced alot of other things over the years and would love some help understanding what is happening. I have my own ideas,but would love to explain to them not to be fearful. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Stephanie…
      Thank you for writing. The water experience is certainly a mystery. I wish I had an answer, but I am not sure why water or liquids are part of spirit phenomena. An oily substance is also a liquid phenomenon that you hear about at times. I live just 2 blocks from a river & believe water is a conduit for spirit. I’m sure the current from the river likely produces energy also. So remains the mystery of the water droplets.

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