The Panasonic RR QR 160 & 180 | COMPARED

qr160 and qr 180 compared


The same single (1) audio event was captured for playback—in four (4) unique audio versions played back-to-back in the video below…  (best saved for last!)

I have attempted to accomplish four (4) objectives in this article (and video) below:

Primary objectives:

1st:    I am comparing a single (1) audio event recordings on two separate Panasonic recorders, the QR 160 and QR 180 for inherent sound quality that establishes a baseline for each recorder.

2nd:  I am comparing the same single (1) audio recording event without editing and afterward with editing on the QR 160 and QR 180 for sound quality—assuming audio editing would be performed on each.

Secondary objectives:

3rd:  The premise is that some recorders are easier/better for Spirit to communicate through.  I am asking Spirit for feedback surrounding which recorder is better for Spirit.

4th:  The objective is to educate my viewers and listeners in a simple, entertaining and enjoyable manner about some technical aspects of the equipment, recordings and audio editing in my translating of EVPs

Contact me through my website if you’d like to purchase either one of these recorders.

video: (the best is saved for last!)


rr qr160 a


The QR 1602019-03-24_102637


rr qr180 a

The QR 180













All sound editing and interpretation by Cynthia Rae

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2 responses to “The Panasonic RR QR 160 & 180 | COMPARED

  1. Hi
    Can anyone tell me the sample rate of any of these two recorders. No where to be found on internet searches or sites.

    I’d say 6 or 8

    • Hi Brett… I do not know. I wasnt able to give you the raw file because my grandson accidentally deleted all of my recordings at one point by accident. Are you thinking about buying a qr 160?

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