The Panasonic RR QR-100

I was trying out the Panasonic RR QR-100. I left out several EVP’s that I felt were not clear enough for others to understand, so there is topic inconsistency. So far the QR-100 & 240 capture several evp’s, but there is that “wow” component missing. A spirit confirms it cannot match the DR-60 & told me it needs to be repaired. I thought that was a great answer.

(If you have headphones, use them) I did an audio edit, so this is not in real time.

2 responses to “The Panasonic RR QR-100

  1. Well that was amazing. I have a Arlo Security Camera and it catches spirits, Aliens, etc., videos, and audio voices. I am always looking for a great audio recorder.

    • Thank you! Just remember, this recorder does indeed capture great evps, but unless your willing to learn audio editing, I would not get it. If you are, then its an amazing recorder. I have this recorder for sale. I have a DR-60 that I use now. I still do audio edits on the DR-60 also. The reason I do is because without an edit, many believe they know whst is said & this is false. Very seldom are you able to capture real time evps that can be understood. Their frequency is higher & its rare. So whether you buy a QR-100 or a DR-60, just remember…you will not recieve audible realistic answers without an audio edit

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