San Haven Sanatorium Investigation…….. 3 of 10 Experiences


DARE to enter the ruins & bones of this mammoth facility filled with a history of agonizing  pain & sorrow since the 1890’s.

San Haven Sanatorium, once a tuberculosis facility, screams & cries out death from its existing ruins. But, that isn’t the only screaming & crying you hear echoing throughout the ruins. Who could this be?  Is it the voices of the children that once endured the mistreatment from the people that were suppose to care for them, or the patients that aimlessly wondered the halls in order to escape they’re own mistreatment by staff & the over-crowded dorm rooms they shared?

Could it be the ghosts of the children & tuberculosis patients still existing in the daunting & haunting ruins of the facility letting the locals & others know they continue to relive the events that occurred here?

Watch the video & you be the judge.



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