The 3 videos below were sent to me from Nikki (Namrata) Kadakia. People often send me recordings, photos, videos and ask me for my impressions. Sometimes I am not able to define some of the unusual & interesting phenomena & feel like the videos below might fit this description. I give my impressions & thoughts on these videos, but I’d like to hear from others on what they believe or might know about this phenomena.

Nikki sent a few other videos, but I felt these were the most unusual & interesting.



The phenomena in this appears to depict what is referred to as a tube. The appearance or physical manifestation is moving with intelligence as if it is wanting to be seen by the camera. After it leaves, it comes back for another peek at the camera. There is one brilliant, bright orb at the top with a ladder of possibly other not so bright orbs below it moving in a tube-like shape. One orb can carry over 100 sentient/spirits, so you can only guess how many are traveling in this tube. If tubes travel with several orbs, it is mind blowing just how many sentient/spirits are traveling in it.

What I just described is what I am most familiar with. The phenomenon in this video does not show the long string of orbs below as clearly. My question would be this: Is this the type of phenomena I am describing or is it something different?  If it is the phenomena I’m describing, would the camera used outdoors alter the appearance

This video impress’s me as several orbs simultaneously moving together. They are more defined & brighter than the first video. They appear to leave residue behind as they move horizontally. Any orb moving horizontally is known to leave a tail of this residue. This residue actually consists of many sentient/spirits & they become more visible due to the horizontal movement. This might also be considered a tube. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

This video shows the same phenomena shown in the first video.

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