Picking Up The Broken Pieces

Watch the videos below this featured pic.

Permission was given by Kendra, mother to write a blog & use her videos

This cute, sweet, adorable little dancer takes her performances serious. I see her on Facebook once in awhile & know this as fact.

As you can see, there is phenomenal Spirit manifestation going on in both videos. Spirit not only decided to move with her new mastered move, but watch when she snaps her fingers what takes place! There are several orbs that move intelligently while they circle Kendra’s daughter as if its a synchronized performance. There is abundant & amazing mist/ectoplasm that floats in front of the camera throughout the video with unexpected large flashes of bright light! Kendra lost her father a few years ago & they were very close. Kendra’s health took a serios turn for the worst & yearns for her father to be there for her.

This video is an extraordinary manifestation of spirit obviously wanting to show & perform in an intelligent manner in order for Kendra to know her father is still with her. I have made contact with her father several times throughout the last few years so there is there is an established history in communicating with him.

It’s my belief that spirits are helpful & healing. The loss of a loved one especially during a vulnerable time when a family member yearns for that special loved one that is no longer here in the physical makes their journey even more difficult. When spirit knows that you are open to receiving, I believe they make a special effort to let you know they exist & are there for you.

This video is amazing validation for Kendra. Kendra is taking the video of her daughter when she received this gift. Her deceased father whom she wondered if her beloved father was with her during trying times regarding her health. She was told he is there, but this validation is beyond magical! Amazing spirit!


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