“INFORMATIVE & EXCITING NEW EVIDENCE” Happening at the Paranormal Happy Hour Meet Up, JAN 11TH

A new member is showing video evidence of paranormal activity. Also, a new client video contact will be shown. (Contacting a deceased loved one). Don’t miss out on this new & exciting evidence!

  Show up, come casual & have fun! This event starts at 6:00 PM. Contact me for more information or directions to the location by messaging through the Meetups site as a member.

RSVP is necessary in order to attend this Meetup  experience. There are only 6 openings left, so rsvp asap

A video of the bus featured in our last meetup experience is pictured below. (The Haunted Bus Experience) I have not had time to edit the experience, but will soon post it in our meetup group when finished with it. Don’t miss out on these compelling, interesting & informative experiences with the paranormal



North Dakota wide Paranormal Meet Up



The paranormal bus experience will be shown soon on meetups!


A capture of spirit by Cynthia Rae

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