Over the years I have captured some fascinating photos of orbs that gave me the impression they were making magic with humor & symbolism.

The 2 orbs below have something noticeably in common. That commonality would be “Portals” for entering & existing the orb. As you can see, the top orb has a spirit or sentient perched upright on top of it looking my direction. The orb below this one shows sentient/spirit peeking through the portals as if they are windows. I believe that once they exit, there is a phenomenon referred to as ‘shape-shifting’ that takes place. As you can see, the orb itself at the bottom shape-shifted into your stereotypical “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” Shape-shifting is a common supernatural phenomenon.


 “ORBS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN” shows uniquely & is portrayed in my captures below.


This capture is magical & I always consider these unique photos as a gift from spirit. They try hard to show us that lighter, magical & positive side to them. We are one


Edit by Merlina Marcon

Above is a beautiful edit by Merlina Marcan of an orb captured in my bedroom. Merlina is a pioneer in research & study regarding the Orb Phenomenon.

Below are more of my captures depicting humor & symbolism given from spirit. An orb is a means of travel for several spirits/sentient. One orb is capable of carrying over 100 spirits/sentient

edits or orbs2

edits or orbs4



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