Are raindrops spirit elementals?

I started taking photos of moisture or raindrops years ago with what I felt were interesting results. I believe that everything is energy & that spirit uses a variety of mediums to manifest, including rain.

I recently finished a post on Facebook that created a lot of controversy over the well known dust vs orbs. The dust busters & nay-sayers were in full force dust busting a photo of mine that was dense with colorful orbs referring to them as moisture. I would have recalled a rainy day if that was the case just like I do when I actually photograph rain intentionally as an experimental phenomenon. This is the photo that was in controversy below:


The photos below are raindrops/moisture. I want you to look closely & tell me what your opinions are. The nay-sayers, dust busters & rain busters are welcome to voice their opinions.

Below are photos of raindrops. Please look closely.  In my own opinion, Pardeidolia also has a repetitive oldness to it without proven validity when faces show consistently & are numerous. The first pic was taken after a rain. The rest are photos of rain drops.

Cynthia Rae Elemental as it relates to spirit, is defined embodying the powers of nature. “Elemental forces” natural, atmospherics, meteorological, environmental, climate. Often referred to as nature spirits. There are 4 elemental categories. They include gnomes, undines, sylphs & salamanders. These correspond to the classical elements of antiquity: earth, water, air, & fire. I believe because spirit manipulates a wide variety of mediums to show physically, they also are unconventional in communicating using audio or sound by utilizing nature elements. By “unconventional” Im referring to a means of communication with spirit that is not yet recognized. If you listen intently to these 4 classic elements, you will hear them speaking to you. I have experimented with atmospheric conditions & water current so far with amazing results.









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