Uncommon Phenomena Meets Up Again!

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Every thing you need to know. Meetup Information here

Kobe’s Japanese Restaurant Map

 Thursday, Jun 8

  • 4:30 PM

Show up, come casual, enjoy meeting others interested in the paranormal. Happy Hour is until 5:00 PM, so if you’d like to order food/drinks at a discounted price, you will have to order before 5:00. We will be meeting in a private room toward the back of the restaurant.

This is a social group for people who want to understand, exchange, discuss paranormal phenomena. No experience needed & all levels interest are welcomed. This group meet up is intended for people to share their thoughts, experiences, evidence & stories about the supernatural. This group is facilitated by an investigator & researcher of uncommon phenomena. More importantly we are here to connect, share & have fun.



2 responses to “Uncommon Phenomena Meets Up Again!

  1. Thats awsome. I had a team in germany when I was an army wife called Franconian Paranormal Researchers (FPR) I had so much fun and it was a huge passion of mine. Then I moved back and had kids and all that went out the window.

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