Making Contact; beloved son

This is a video made for a dear friend that lost her beloved son a few days ago. The audio recording was made hours before his death. I knew my friend Gwen had a son, but he was not deceased. In this video I am told “I’m her first born”, then “Last breath.”

I messaged Gwen & asked her around 1:00  that day  if she lost a child because spirit will speak in symbolism & most often not nor proper language. She answered me back with a “No.” reply. She did not loose a child.

I was baffled, but knew other spirits can interfere, so I dismissed it with some concern. The concern that gnawed on me was from messages I received for her from the audio previous to this one. They sounded like blatant & anxious warnings about a male.

I received a message from Gwen shortly after midnight informing me that she indeed lost a child. She found her son deceased later that afternoon, evening.

The end of the video “Mother & Yes Ma’am” are said. “Yes Ma’am” is something that Gwen & her family use to beloved-son-feaured-photoanswer Yes & no questions living in Kentucky. We do not hear this where I live & after conversing with Gwen & her daughter, they are courteous & respectful in this manner. I don’t believe this politeness was a coincidence. Later, after I found out about his death, I decided to do a video asking him to manifest physically.

Another video made for Gwen is on our website at where I believe spirit was trying to warn of her sons death before it happened by yelling “GO TELL HIM!” “DANGER!” It It can be seen in the “level 2” videos under SERVICES. It was too late because I wasn’t sure what to think of it besides a spirit interfering in the recording.

In a later audio I asked them how they knew Gwen’s son was going to cross over? An angelic female voice answered by saying this… “We bring in them eyes for you.”

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