Sentient/spirit showing in an orb


This is the same orb was captured in my bedroom. It appears as if spirits are peering out of a window while they are protected by a white outer membrane. The spirits appear to be many within the orbs chamber. One orb can carry over 100 spirits. Edit credit goes to Merlina Marcon.


Another image of this same orb


Another view of this same orb. As you can see, there are human-like features showing on these sentients/spirits. A typical characteristic of these sentients is that they tend to present themselves in a cartoonish style. Shapeshifting is a phenomena that I believe is used to be recognized


This is a different orb that was captured in my from yard. There are several sentients/spirits within the orbs chamber. Once again, credit to Merlina Marcan for the beautiful edits. Merlina describes 3 different categories of orbs with detailed descriptions of each


ORBS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! Yes, its true. through my years of research & study, I have captured some amusing & fun orbs & other spirit phenomena. These are a few that show this


These are a few orbs I’ve captured that present with larger more singular faces. Depending on the rotation of the orb, you see different images or faces.


Some indoor orbs captured in my home


Orbs captured in our yard



Making contact with a deceased loved one. Sometimes they will physically show in a big way

Magical Cosmic Fun

Magical cosmic fun


Spirit making itself known in a motel room where I stayed


Captured in the yard


Some colorful outdoor orbs. You are able to see a couple sentient faces


A look inside



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