Spirits try to show using several different mediums including people.  

The tiny face/profile shows disproportioned to my head/body

As you can see this requires an army of spirits to be able to manifest this way.  They can use any part of the body to manifest.

Transfiguration is when the visiting spirits overlay their image on top of the subjects body features. A trance is not necessary for this phenomenon to occur & the subject can be fully conscious & unaware that spirit is working with them.

Closer view of spirit trying to show

During the event of transfiguration, the spirit will move into the subjects body but not in the same aggressive manner that is requited for full or partial trance. They manipulate the etheric body & nervous system of the medium to form a mask of their own face using light & colours to effect their features. If you look close, it appears my head is covered with a type of helmet, but a small profile of someone’s face is manifesting over my face.

Two other examples of transfiguration. This is the back of my hand & partial foot. My hand shows a spirit face emerging & my foot has spirit working to show through. If you look to the right of my foot, you will see a spirit face that appears to have its mouth wide open.

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